32 flavors of hypocrisy.

#32 "Do you guys really need all that hardware to perform?...we have a play-dj" Excuse me Ms. GrrapWant'd, do you even know what The Tunnel does?...GR2GR

#31 "We are stopping your show right now (2 angry ladies jumped on stage at OCCII) because you used yssup (reversed) in a phrase, your lyrics are highly disrespectful to women.

But we as do reserve the right to clapp our a's's to S&P's Push It 10 min. later cuz the beat's soooo good and the lyrics are so well thought"

The Tunnel loved CMS for being consistent and btw name me one old skool crew who instead of throwing bumrushing peeps from any gender of the stage during a showcase stops, pauses and explains why our freedom of speech is worth yours...GR2GR

#30 "Basically you guys are talking about a cartel or what do you call person(s) who have this Hip Hop game in 0031 lock'd?"..."Next question please at BRB 2011" The Tunnel wants every talented artist out there in 0031 to have a fighting chance at their '15...GR2GR

#29 peeps x-ing us to support 'em in sum competition and when we do, yet reply 'cool but GR2GR' they suddenly develop a quick case of triple duck a la no way...

#28 Martin Marsoeki Jr. and I listening to Mr. big shot Hip Hop reporter yada yada bout oldskool in 0031 multiple times over the years, looking us in the eye and still not giving Respect to Zombi Squad nor DJAX-001...GR2GR...Brooklyn to Breukelen, in G-I trust...

#27 Supporting a mailthread about racism just now from a well known (recent) activist with an ontopic song  ..and within seconds having your link removed...And this is how we strive for unity in 0031...GR2GR

#26 claiming we all Hip Hop and all that...then looking left, looking right noticing urbody left the building b4 the real show started @The Art Of Rap...GR2GR?

#25 Being teachers in the broad sense of the word, yet categorically unwilling to be taught...GR2GR

#24 'Martin Marsoeki Jr. help me out with 'em beats, teach me all you know, Imma pay you back mayne...cool no problem Respect...

'And the award goes to...we want to thank our crew, manager, dog, cat, fans for getting us here'.

GR2GR...The Tunnel don't do selective memories...

#23 'we all gangstah this, ghetto that'...excuse me, on your way to school, job or different GNP? GR2GR...keep it down 0031, let's lead by xample and enjoy The Wire reruns...

#22 Although search engines have turned all of us in Dicks/Dickettes Tracy sum of us still seem unable or unwilling to spend a couple of extra milliseconds to find out more about artists, be it old or newskool...GR2GR, research is soooo 2012

#21 Acting like 0031 Hip Hop present has nothing to do with all those great and not so great ones who paved its way...to paraphrase Cube, thank G. for peepz like a Twann (Supercharger Records, Respect)


#20 Being committed to the cause, as long as its called me me me...GR2GR, our ABC starts and ends with U...

#19 Supporting yung artists as long as their progression is always one step behind yours...GR2GR, shine on yung artists, shine on

#18 Claiming you walking the str8 and narrow, but off cam u know u prone to crooked lines detours...think about it, inhale life and exhale respect...GR2GR

#17 Saying u down with sum1 just to be pc/FB correct, and just when u turn an (online) corner cuss the day his/her momma was born...GR2GR, don't we know by know that once u put ish online, it stays online?

#16 Blaiming politicians for this and that but absent at the ballots due to 'hey mayne did you see that booty on that gurl, gos to hit that tonite, elections f-it...GR2GR, booty+, value of my vote +++++

#15 'Shouting from online rooftops 'Im gangstah, cum and get me' and when ish hits the fan begging lawd G's for a do-ova...

Oh yeah and another thing: u can cuss out ole Dya for saying this but where all 'em old skool legends in 0031 at who collectively say to the next generation of Hip Hop artists 'enough is enough we need to turn this gangstah ish-BS into something positive today, let's go!

GR2GR...sorry to have bothered u, back to 'Im good, buy our records'

#14 Saying Hip Hop ain't dead, but maintaining the proverbial add space in the obits section...GR2GR

#13 Claiming to be a leader in a community but ducking accountability like the first of the month's landlord check collection...GR2GR

#12 Uttering the word represent but unable to specify further than 'my city, block, hood'...GR2GR, 16 without essence is just 16.

#11 Making a deal with the heavens and when time comes to pay up refer to a disclaimer in the fine print...GR2GR

#10 Getting up at 5 to help a brother out, yet homeboy could not even spring for a latte (excuse my french)...GR2GR

#9 Saying we hood, shouting we discriminated against and not using your constitutional right to change it. Bi..atch level -1, ballot level up +1...12/9 we there...GR2GR

#8 Demanding respect, yet treating it like a gift with a no return policy...GR2GR

#7 Claiming to lead by example yet our actions conveniently pop back to default...GR2GR...

#6 Demanding a seat from politicians yet the only thing we bring to the table is 'we gangstah'...GR2GR...

#5 Preaching UNiTY while displaying a profound reluctance to downgrade the i...GR2GR..

#4 Throwing up that peace sign 2 all 4 corners and off-cam order a plate of jealousy-2-go...GR2GR..

#3 Basking in creativity yet still be looping ignorance...GR2GR..

#2 Pretending to be the biggest advocates of freedom of speech's just until the very minute it confronts us with exhibit A called selfreflection...GR2GR..

#1 Thinking #GR2GR ain't nothing more than 6 chars. on a Tee...